The preschool at St. Patrick School incorporates a Montessori and theme-based curriculum with the goal of further developing the coordination, concentration, and independence of each student in a Catholic faith environment. By appealing to the child’s sense of order, the environment is carefully prepared with sequenced activities to meet each individual’s needs. Each student has the freedom to choose among a variety of materials that can be touched and manipulated in all of the following curriculum areas:

Religion– Allows the child to take the first steps on their journey of faith. Through daily prayer, song, art, and storytelling, children come to understand what a difference faith can make in their lives.

Practical Life – Provides tasks of daily living familiar to the child to help them learn to care for themselves and their environment. Activities include simple food preparation, housekeeping skills, and eye-hand coordination work.

Sensorial – Acquaints the child with pre-math materials and concepts that help refine their experience of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell.

Math – Offers the use of concrete materials to help prepare for the gradual transition to abstract thinking.

Language – Provides a multi-sensory approach to the pre-reading/pre-writing process. Eye and ear training are introduced to help lay the foundation for reading, as well as materials for the refinement of motor control for writing.

Science – Includes an introduction to botany, zoology, and physical science at a developmentally appropriate level.

Geography – Introduces the child to surrounding world. Continents and foreign cultures are introduced and diversity is explored and respected.

Art – Encourages creativity and development of fine motor control through activities such as cutting, gluing, punching, etc. Children express themselves as they experiment with a variety of creative media.

Music and Movement – Supports the development of gross motor skills through song, dance, and exposure to different musical styles.

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