St. Patrick Catholic School
Mission Statement
To provide an exceptional educational experience
built upon faith, academics and service,
within a Catholic community
that exemplifies the teachings if Jesus Christ.
In 2018 we updated our Mission Statement to better reflect our purpose.:
  • The first line comes directly from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops when they stated the purpose of Catholic schools.
  • The second line ties in the wording around our logo that highlights our purpose, Faith First – Excellence in Education – Commitment to Community
  • The third line shows that this is not just a Catholic school, this is a Catholic community. That we all play a role and have a responsibility to the education of our students, academically as well as in their faith and conduct.
  • Finally, in the last line, that this community exemplifies the teachings of Jesus Christ. The students cannot have this just at school. The virtues and commandments, the Word of God must be shown in word and deed by all whom the students encounter. We are not perfect. We will make mistakes. The students should know this, too. However, if we set our eyes on the Lord, and our goal is to truly exemplify Christ’s teachings, our lives and the lives of our students, will be ever fuller of light and life, full of purpose.



St. Patrick School provides a Catholic education to approximately 480 students in preschool through 8th grade. St. Patrick School offers a core curriculum of Religion, English, Language Arts, Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Spanish as well as Physical Education, Computer Science, Art, Music, Band, Library and Life Skills. St. Patrick School has proudly been providing the Lakes area community with a quality Catholic education since 1957.
St. Patrick School is a part of St. Patrick Parish. St. Patrick School provides students and parents with a community that shares Catholic traditions, worships together and assists those in need. The school guides students in an atmosphere of continued growth through academic, spiritual and moral development. St. Patrick School develops students of integrity, with values to sustain and lead them in lives that make a difference.
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