Protecting God’s Children

It is a requirement that any volunteer interaction with our students be in compliance with the Protecting God’s Children program. Since having introduced this program in our parish and school, the majority of our volunteers, as well as our staff, have complied. All families that are new to our school will have until October 30 of that school year to complete this program. You may participate with students once you have completed this program.

You may check online for other dates and locations (outside our parish) where you may attend the Protecting God’s Children program. The web site for seminar listings is .

Please know that all our staff is instructed to check our database to make sure parents who attend field trips, help out in our classrooms, etc. have obtained their criminal background check and completed the Protecting All God’s Children program. If you desire to interact in any student related event, you must have completed these requirements. Volunteer Criminal Background Check forms will be sent home during the first week of school.

Again, thank you for all your support. If you have any further questions, please feel free to call the school office.



Registering for a Workshop

  • In the address line type:
  • Click on “Registration” (bright yellow on the left hand side).
  • Enter your registration information. When asked to enter a USER ID and PASSWORD we suggest using your first name and last name, in lower case with no spaces, as your USER ID, and your last name in lower case as your PASSWORD.

Changing Your Workshop

If you’re unable to attend the workshop for which you registered

  1. Do not register again
  2. Select another workshop from the OAD website
  3. Call the Office for Protecting God’s Children, (313)237-5826 or (313)224-8008 to change your registration to another workshop.


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