St. Patrick Catholic School, White Lake 2019-20 Tuition & Fees
  Registration Facility Projected Lunch Total
  Fee Fee Tuition Supervision  
Full-Day Kindergarten through 8th Grade
1 Child $ 350 $ 300 $4,425 $150 $5,225
2 Children $700 $300 $8,175 $150 $9,325
3 Children $1,050 $300 $11,540 $150 $13,040
4 Children $1,400 $300 $13,800 $150 $15,650
Preschool AM          
Extended Day $175   $3,270   $3,445
Preschool PM $175   $2,425   $2,600

Registration fee is non-refundable.

Deposit amount is due upon time of student registration and includes the registration fee and facility fee.  Checks made payable to St. Patrick School or credit card are accepted methods of payment for deposit.

If a student withdraws from school, the cumulative records are forwarded to the receiving school. However, if fees and/or tuition are in arrears, grades or transcripts may be withheld until such amount is paid in full.

All families with students enrolled in Kindergarten through 8th grade have an annual fundraising commitment of $200.00 for the St. Patrick School Parents Club. This commitment is met through the All School Raffle, to be held in December of 2019. Those serving on the Parents Club Board or as a Parents Club Event/Committee Chair fulfill their yearly fundraising commitment by serving in this capacity. School Advisory Committee members fulfill 50% of the $200.00 commitment from their service on SAC.

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